The right to water

The right to water for all people” – this has been written in the UN resolution since 07/28/2010.
However, clean drinking water is nowhere near accessible to everyone in Cameroon. People still walk long distances with buckets and pots to the nearest water source, which is often nothing more than a pond. This results in infectious diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, or typhus, and approximately 1 million children die each year due to these inadequate hygiene conditions. This should not be allowed to happen!

Wells save lives!!




Do you know how to construct a well? First, you need to locate a water vein, then carefully mark off its boundaries, and then you dig up to 80 m (260 ft) until you reach the groundwater.

We also want to teach young people how to construct wells, so that they will be able to provide ongoing support for their villages by constructing wells. Or they can found their own well construction companies and become independent.

Building a well with a pump costs about 12,000 EUR from start to finish—make a donation in any amount, and share the gift of a source of clean drinking water

We are always looking for volunteers to help build wells in Cameroon. We look forward to your enthusiastic support and the sharing of your expertise. Just give us a call!