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We are happy about any sort of social engagement!

Enrich your vacation in Cameroon with experiences that do good! Visit our education center in Yaoundé and share your expertise with our students. We are building upon the positive image of Germany presiding in Cameroon:
“Educated, modern, punctual, and rich”—this is how the people of Cameroon see Germans. The German colonial period (1884-1916) was the primary contributor to this image, and you still see traces of this time everywhere in Cameroon, since the Germans built impressive buildings, streets, and railways. The good impression of Germany contributes to the fact that a surprising number of people would like to learn German. Many people would like to attend university in Germany and work like us.
If you enjoy sharing you experience and knowledge (whether theoretical or practical) with young people, please contact us via telephone or by using our contact form. There is almost certainly a way to accommodate your wish.

Ulrike Wagner explains to attentive students how school and classes work in Germany.

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