Everyone has a right to medical care!!

Most Cameroonians simply cannot afford to visit a doctor or have an exam in a hospital. For that reason, we treat them in our health center in exchange for very low fees..
We began outpatient care in October of 2009. Since then, we have been able to establish a small ward with 1 x-ray machine and 4 beds thanks to generous donations of medical equipment. Our patients receive care from 2 nurses and an approved physician visits 3x each week.

We rely on your help to do this! The need is much higher!

For this reason, we have renovated and prepared a vacant building in Bafia in order to set up the first ultrasound machine within 120 km (75 miles). This was a sensation, and the inhabitants were very pleased. This allows us to also provide care to certain people free of charge, such as pregnant women. Interest was also high on the part of Cameroonian doctors and medical technicians, and they are also prepared to learn to use this technology, which is new to them, at a very low called social price.

Financial resources, medical equipment (such as ultrasound and mammography systems) and educational work onsite in care topics,such as brast cancer – these are the things we need currently the most!

The newly constructed ward, now with an ultrasound system

  • Date: 27. June 2013