Professional training for a better future

Training and educational work

In a 3-month course, we provide young prospective entrepreneurs sent to us from various associations* with primary, fundamental knowledge related to founding, erecting, managing, and leading a small business. After completing the course, participants receive a corresponding certificate of completion which is given to them during a large celebration. All of them are happy and proud that they were shown a path to success that they merely have to continue to follow. They intend to found their own production facilities (e.g., for manufacturing dyes, bleaching agents, yogurt, or in the areas of chocolate production, recycling, wastewater management, etc.). The DKH (and the Assistance German Camerounaise, as we are called in Cameroon) have provided strong support for the Fond National d’Emploi (the international employment foundation), so that young people will soon have a chance to find employment on the job market. * Associations that support the foundation, such as GIC, TPE, PME, and GIE
  • Date: 21. June 2013