Carpenter’s Workshop

Professional training for a better future

In September of 2008, we were finally ready, and we were able to open the doors of our metal workshop to students. Mr. Xavier Evina took over onsite project management and has continued to develop the metal workshop, which has now become a respectable training workshop, with the support of the efforts of additional volunteers, carpenters, joiners, educators, and senior experts.
In addition to training young professionals, the workshop also takes orders (e.g., for preparing chairs, tables, benches, cupboards, and other small pieces of furniture) according to the need in the area. We intend to organize regular small exhibitions in order to offer this furniture for sale.
At the end of February, our trainees built a large wall unit (see image gallery), of which everyone was proud, and rightly so. The tables and chairs are sometimes also needed for personal use, meaning to furnish their own living areas.

  • Date: 26. June 2013