Professional training for a better future

With the development and progression of the agricultural industry in Cameroon, ongoing production in areas usable for agriculture are more consumer-oriented, as stipulated by the government. Cocoa, fruits, nuts, bananas, etc. are most commonly planted. Government guidelines and laws somewhat limit DKH’s abilities in this area—for this reason, DKH is not permitted to provide material support for more than 3,500 young farmers. The installation of an agricultural entity that will address the nutrition of elderly people, orphans, and inmates is currently in the planning phase.     

A few hectares of a large area in Bafia have been cultivated in recent weeks. Long hours were spent clearing grasses, shrubbery, and trees, and more than 1,000 banana tree saplings were planted. A small drop in the bucket, but a source of great hope for an undernourished population.

  • Date: 20. June 2013