Onsite stays

Our program is geared toward anyone interested in culture with an additional interest in social engagement.

Anyone who finds this appealing can contact us directly from this webpage. Applicants should know that Deutsche Kamerun-Hilfe e.V. is a non-government organization (NGO), and is a non-profit whose resources are used in full to fund individual aid projects.

In the case of a stay of 3 months or longer (=voluntary social service), we will provide you with simple accommodations with water and electricity, as well as care. You must bear all travel costs and return travel costs.
If you want to enrich your vacation with diverse experiences and the feeling of having done good, we would be delighted if you would choose to accompany a project of your choice for 2-3 weeks.

Call us at 02273.9808.39 or contact us using our contact form.

Voluntary social service


Short stays