Use of your donation

Celebratory use of donations for local facilities

Deutsche Kamerun-Hilfe e.V. continually passes on donations to local facilities, such as the small health centers in Odza or Nkomo, to the women’s center in Nlong, or in order to open a metal workshop in Yaoundé.

Within the scope of an official celebration, the mayor gladly accepts the donations that Mr. Yombi or the head of Cameroon Aid, Mr. Bosco Benton, give to him personally.

Many people gather at these celebratory events to show their gratitude. The people’s happiness is overwhelming, and the gleam in their eyes is payment for the work, effort, and energy “that are forgotten so quickly,” says Alphonse Yombi.

2 years ago, we managed to bring Port-A-Potties to Yaoundé in order to combat the spread of cholera. In addition, we were able to create jobs, since these sanitary facilities need to be cleaned.