Donation of Goods

We are looking for tools and machines in good working order:

Tools, basic equipment:

  • Tools: Wooden hammers, nails, screw sets, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers,sharp knives
  • Measuring tapes, water scales, cord/string, clamps, plumb
  • Wood saws, electric saws
  • Long ladder, toolboxes

 General construction materials:

  • Wheelbarrows, shovels, spades and general gardening equipment, buckets
  • High-pressure washers, cement mixers, concrete vibrators, rollers
  • Drills, hammer drills
  • Mason’s hammers, trowels, mason’s lacing cord, fillers
  • Tiling tools: Plastering trowels, floor saws, floor trowels, plaster trowels, tile cutters
  • Concrete pour molds,

Climate control technology:

  • Pressure gauges, dial gauges, voltometers, vacuum pumps, spray guns
  • Switches, power supply isolators
  • Pipe cutters, bending machines, compressors
  • Soldering irons, piping, rapping tubes,
  • Oxygen tanks, acetylene tanks
  • Accessories: Extension cords, welding wire, replacement relays

Every single piece is valuable to us.

Thank you!

 Please contact us via mail or using our contact form.

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