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                              Giving help for self-help, that’s – the leading idea

Alphonse Yombi, the founder of our association, has accomplished something with his career that many Cameroonians can only dream of: He escaped the cycle of poverty because he had the chance to take his life into his own hands. Out of thankfulness for his own success, he continues to support not only his family, friends, and neighbors, but also the street children and orphans in Cameroon, whom his training center gives the opportunity to learn skills in various professional fields.
After the end of his professional athletic career, he and his friends founded Deutsche Kamerun-Hilfe e.V. (German Cameroon Aid) in 2002, with the idea of providing lasting assistance. We are a public association classified as an NGO, a non-government organization. Our transparent structure shows that your donation will be used in full to support our aid projects.

Helping people help themselves – the underlying idea

As of 2008, the population of Cameroon was approximately 16.3 million inhabitants. The unemployment rate is very high, at nearly 60%. This is due to the fact that many people lack professional skills needed to find appropriate employment on the job market. This leads to the danger of seeking comfort in alcohol, and thus being unable to seek employment.
We would like to change this situation in Cameroon, and use our education and continuing education centers to provide interested people with the opportunity to attain special knowledge in order to find employment. This should provide motivation and enable people to earn their own guaranteed income.
We assume that simply providing these groups of people with donations of goods or financial support will not lead to lasting success. That is why we decided to construct education and continuing education centers in Cameroon. We would like to provide people with our expert aid in order to enable them to take their lives into their own hands. The training center and metal workshop in Yaoundé were a first step, and courses began in summer of 2008.




instead of missionary!



to protect from poverty through education.



to improve quality of life.



through long-term support.

In 2012, Cameroon had about 19,8 million inhabitants; there is no reliable date source about the number of unemployed, but the estimated percentage is about 30% – which is mainly due to lack of basic professional knowledge. The danger to search for consolation in alcohol and drugs is high and so even the chance to do odd jobs to earn money is missed.
We want to change this deplorable situation in Cameroon giving people the possibility to get a job by acquiring specialized knowledge in our training centres. We want to motivate and to enable them to get an own, fixed income.
Just giving financial aid or donations in kind won’t bring a long-lasting chance to the cameroonian people and we decided to build training centres in Yaoundé, Cameroon. We wanted to give them the initial help for their start-up to take charge of their own lifes. And so we did: the first lessons started 5 years ago, in summer 2008. Since then our centre or respectivly the number of participants is constantly growing.


Alphonse Yombi

Alphonse Yombi

At the football World Cup 1990 in Italy, the founder and chairman of Deutsche Kamerun-Hilfe e.V., together with Roger Mila, made his home country a winner for a second. Moments, that were decisive for his life: since then, he always shared his ‘prizes’ with others and daily returns some of his luck to his home country.
The Deutsche Kamerun Hilfe understands itself as a ‘family business’. All together, we work towards the realization of our projects in Cameroon. We are glad about every helping hand. If you are interested in working with us or if you want more information, please contact us.

Udo Brandis

businessman, advises the organization in all matters for constant improvement

Reinhard Klumpen

businessman, generous and energetic support, especially with relief transports

Ursula Dückers Klumpen

energetic collaboration in every field

Alfred & Monika Hüppmeier

dedicated collaboration in many fields, Facebook page

Elke Wiemar

administrative office work, french translations

Klaus Lutz

represents the organization in public

Admir Murati

holder of a master’s degree in sports-management, supports us in public reporting and development of the concept ‘football school’

Gilbert Nye

computer specialist, Homepage

Nico Schmied

energetic collaboration, raises funds from football players

Anja&Achim Goerke

supports the organization in many-facetted areas; their flexibility was often a rescue out of embarassment