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At the start of the new year, we want to send another aid transport to Cameroon! Two shipping containers, donated by the firm Heinrich Klumpen & Sons from Nettetal, are waiting on Weber Metalworking’s premises in Aachen, ready to be filled with donations. We will again be permitted to store them in Medicor’s hangar until they are ready to ship.  An enormous thank you to all of these companies for their support.

zwei-container-bei-weber img-20161109-wa0011

The new medical center should be supplied with medical equipment and materials for metalworking. Stefan Soiron from the Preventive Health Center in Aachen has already provided us with rehabilitation equipment. We are very pleased:


img-20161109-wa0016 img-20161109-wa0008

There will be no lack of hospital beds. Thank you, Dr. Winfried Lessmann.

pflegebetten-seniorenheim-1 pflegebetten-seniorenheim-2

Juchhu – next year there won’t be any tools on the floor:

img-20161206-wa0002 img-20161206-wa0005

It is true, we get six welding machines and a hacksaw – so happy! Alphonse Yombi goes to Willich and takes the equipment with pleasure and energy. Many thanks – especially to the diligent helpers.

img-20170105-wa0001 img-20170105-wa0000

img-20170105-wa0004 img-20170105-wa0002

img-20170105-wa0022 img-20170105-wa0005



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