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“The boundaries of my language signify the boundaries of my world” (Ludwig Wittgenstein)

Free German courses for the employees and trainees of Assitance Germano-Camerounaise. While pantomiming works to a certain extent, being able to speak with one another makes communication easier. And nicer.

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Ms. Marie Noelle Etoungou is a German teacher at a school in Yaoundé, and comes 2x each week (Mondays and Friday from 4-6 p.m.) to the office of our partner organization in order to make the German language more accessible to interested students. The course is well-liked:

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IMG-20170127-WA0067 IMG-20170127-WA0070German specialists always visit the training center and the exchange of experiences and the interaction with one another is “spoken” more intensively.

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It stars: First german words at the blackboard

Ja = Yes, non = No, Menuiserie = carpenters workshop und Köln = Cologne – that is near to Kerpen, the main seat of Deutschen Kamerun-Hilfe. What’s your name = ich heiße Marie Noelle.

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Even after the return of the experts to Germany, the contact can be maintained by e-mail more easily. Here are two examples of how Noah from the metal workshop communicates with Norbert Weber. And Reinhard Reinhard Kurczinsky, who has been working with the carpenter’s office in Cameroon for about two years, continues to support his expertise:

IMG-20170126-WA0002      IMG-20170126-WA0003      Anweisungen RK




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