“Hello, my name is Marie Noelle”

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“The boundaries of my language signify the boundaries of my world” (Ludwig Wittgenstein)

Free German courses for the employees and trainees of Assitance Germano-Camerounaise. While pantomiming works to a certain extent, being able to speak with one another makes communication easier. And nicer.

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Ms. Marie Noelle Etoungou is a German teacher at a school in Yaoundé, and comes 2x each week (Mondays and Friday from 4-6 p.m.) to the office of our partner organization in order to make the German language more accessible to interested students. The course is well-liked:

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We’re doing it again!

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At the start of the new year, we want to send another aid transport to Cameroon! Two shipping containers, donated by the firm Heinrich Klumpen & Sons from Nettetal, are waiting on Weber Metalworking’s premises in Aachen, ready to be filled with donations. We will again be permitted to store them in Medicor’s hangar until they are ready to ship.  An enormous thank you to all of these companies for their support.

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The new medical center should be supplied with medical equipment and materials for metalworking. Stefan Soiron from the Preventive Health Center in Aachen has already provided us with rehabilitation equipment. We are very pleased:


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He simply can’t take it easy…

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And so Norbert Weber, after only 8 weeks in Germany, is going back to the training center in Cameroon. He has too many ideas and thoughts in his head that he can’t rest until he implements them. And so, without further ado, he is flying back to Yaoundé with 50 kg (110 lbs) of extra luggage: Albert is bringing along spools of cable, building fittings, jigsaws, cordless screwdrivers, screws, wires, clamps, sheet metal, and profiles in order to finish what he was unable to accomplish during his first stay: for example, two defective machines which he can now repair with the necessary replacement parts. And he cannot forget the roof: a long, weight-bearing balcony must be prepared and installed. He does not even try to hide his perfectionism…

Occupational safety and fire safety are of utmost importance:

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New Bus for Cameroon

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We are excited! We thank Mrs. Heidrun Lutz and the company Medicor who let us have their Volkswagen bus. The bright flag, which was attached by the agency Deutmann, makes the bus eye candy. In a few weeks, it will be in Cameroon and provide mobility on site. We have many things to transport, errands to run and sometimes students to drive. Look forward to more pictures of the bus in action.

An enormous “thank you”

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to Peter Neumann from the Physical Therapy and Physiotherapy Practice in Aachen, who donated two electric, height-adjustable treatment tables for the new health center in Bafia!
Last Saturday, Alphone Yombi made his way to Aachen in order to accept and pick up this generous donation of goods from the medical practice. The founder of the association does this himself as often as possible, since he likes to personally meet the people who support us. Just like on that day, this often leads to warm conversation, since it is nice to discuss the mutual motivation of wanting to help others. Now, the two gently-used blue and white treatment tables are loaded into one of the two aid containers in order to make their 7500 km (4,660 mile) trip to Cameroon.

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The fact of the matter is that items that have already been used in Germany can still provide a lot of good service in Cameroon. We can already see the two tables in the treatment rooms of the new health center.

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We will update you once they have arrived…

In passing…

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The lady of the house receives a new dustpan!

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The team in the metal workshop is pleased because they have found a way to use small exhibition pieces that the trainers prepare with their students to hang along the walls of the training center.

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